Magnolia Blossoms in September?

For the last two years I have noticed just a few pink blossoms on the Magnolia tree in September. This year, the same as last, the sight of this color on the tree perplexed me for a few moments. What is that thing in the tree that looks like an Easter egg after Labor Day? An internet search for the likelihood of a double blossom year resulted in many returns from the years 2007 and 2008. It’s a big deal to me, in this year 2017, that there is enough warmth to extend or shorten the cycle of the tree and I am not a proponent for or against any of the climate issues that are flooding debate. This is just a fact that should be noted as it is a strange occurrence as far as I am aware.

Of course there is the chance that this tree is a species that may be evergreen in the southern states but I did not plant this Magnolia nor do I know the history of this particular tree as it is in an adjacent, neighboring yard. I love the tree and I am grateful to have the view while I do not have to bear the thick roots or the relentless shade of its canopy, it is part of the landscape and I love it. They say it takes ten years for a seedling to finally blossom, it is a plant of patience.

While searching for answers I found at least two interesting articles, one on the ancient origins of flowers Read the PBS article here

The image was taken today, September 5, 2017 at approximately 4:30pm in New York State.


One thought on “Magnolia Blossoms in September?

  1. I love magnolias. They’re native to my area and in abundance as well as evergreen. There are a few different types though. Sometimes they have a late blooming and some are pink but most the ones ive seen are white



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