The Three of Swords: Love is the Blade that Cuts the Deepest

Three of Swords

Shades of Midnight

I’ve been putting off writing about this card ever since I begun discussing the numerological suit of the threes on Shades of Midnight. Apart from the fear that it might stir up residual demons that have yet to be put to rest, it’s never easy to talk about love, especially the darker side of romantic affection. This card has held immense significance for me over the past few days, quite possibly triggered by the potent solar eclipse in Cancer on the 1st of July. In Cancer, we confront issues of intimacy and security, and explore ways to cherish and nurture the special people in our lives. Cancer’s lessons also include learning to be comfortable with our emotional vulnerabilities, and instead of hiding these perceived weaknesses from our partners, to use these limitations as a form of sharing and bonding. Over the past few days, a number of people, clients as…

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