Flashback Limelight Nightclub NY

As the “Truther” community uses threadbare patterns in an attempt to connect Michael Alig with James Alefantis, some are using the opportunity to revisit the early 90s for this was the time space marked by The Club Kids.  This could have turned into one of those dramatic YouTube feuds if not for the impeccable response video from The Peeew.  The absolute grace of Ernie Glam and the devil-may-care charm of Alig has instantly quashed any attempts to catfight.

In some synchronistic twist of fate a small batch of ancient photos from my archives surfaced of the go go cage from the Limelight.


These images were taken from the balcony which overlooked the dance floor.  The dancers swung freely above the main room while patrons danced below.  There was something going on everywhere in the Limelight which made the venue more like an event.



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